Nonprofit Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Strategic Plans need to be living documents – used frequently by the staff and Board and fully aligned to their priorities. The plan is designed to be updated when circumstances change.

Barbara starts the Strategic Planning process with a Retreat and focuses on asking each leader these key questions:

  • Why is the NPO important to the community, and what does it values most.
  • What is changing in the world and in the NPO that need to be considered and discussed in planning.
  • What are audacious and attainable goals, and barriers to success

The answers collectively become the foundation for the mission, vision and values statements as well as an outline of strategic priorities.

The retreat is followed by weekly one-hour Zoom meetings with a small group to develop the plan in more detail. Checkpoints throughout the process ensure the NPO’s leadership approves the process and results. The final detailed plan is shared in multiple formats to ensure it becomes the living document moving the organization forward.

Capacity Building

Capacity-building can take many forms and works best when customized to a nonprofit to help them thrive in an ever-changing world. Capacity-building can include developing skills, enhancing infrastructure, creating policies and procedures for efficiencies, and expanding resources.

The capacity-building process starts with an assessment. What does the NPO need to develop and reach their goals? What are barriers to success? What do they understand and what do they need to learn? The assessment process may include surveys, one-on-one interviews with multiple stakeholders, or deeper inquiries.

A plan of action to outline the needs and how they will be addressed is then developed. Once the plan is approved, the capacity-building work begins and may include work with Barbara, additional trainings, work with other agencies, external supports or changes.

Governance Training & Planning

Boards are foundational to a nonprofit’s success. An active, supportive Board can help an organization reach its full potential. In contrast, a Board in chaos often results in an organization in chaos.

Barbara works with Boards to ensure there is a clear understanding of the Board’s responsibilities – both individually and collectively. Barbara also helps Board members and staff members clearly divide responsibilities and work out any grey areas between them.

Most importantly, Barbara works with Boards to ensure they have all the appropriate policies and procedures in place, as well as access to best practices. She also recommends when a legal review is warranted on key issues of Board compliance.

Work is customized to your nonprofit’s needs and can include assessments, document review and updates, training, restructuring of the Board processes, or policy/procedure reviews and updates.

Additional Planning

Growth and change can be challenging – especially when a nonprofit needs to consider multiple perspectives and multiple possibilities.

Barbara focuses on taking the guesswork out of planning. Working transparently with staff and Board members, she helps create detailed plans for success.

The process includes assessing the current situation, setting long-term and/or systemic goals, setting short-term benchmarks for success, developing strategies and action plans, and delineating responsibilities.

Planning efforts include Board nominations, Board structure and schedules, business plans, operational plans, fundraising, program development, and marketing.