Consulting for Nonprofit Success​

Helping nonprofits unite vision, strategy, and action.

By uniting an organization’s strongest thoughts, most deliberate strategies, and its most energetic action, Leggett Consulting’s clients see results.

Grounded in a research-backed approach to self-improvement, your agency’s work with Leggett Consulting focuses on setting and working toward specific, actionable goals. Together, we can develop plans for your nonprofit or small business centered around purpose, focus, and fulfillment.

At Leggett Consulting, we believe that success has its foundations in thoughtful, strategic action.

Services Offered by Leggett Consulting

Leggett Consulting offers strategic planning, capacity building support, governance training and planning, and additional planning for nonprofit staff and boards.

Leggett Consulting provides nonprofit leaders and teams with one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and Positive Intelligence/Mental Fitness training and coaching.

“Collaborating with Barbara has been a wonderful process. Bringing her experience as an executive coach and former director of Explore & More has strengthened all aspects of the exhibition design and museum business model development. Barbara shares our passion for creating visitor experiences that are mission-driven and support the museum’s vision for the community. We look forward to collaborating on future projects.”
Greg Belew, AIA
Hands On! Studios
"We at ICAN and the Utica Children’s Museum have been working with Barbara for over three years and we couldn’t imagine our team without her. Her positivity and wealth of knowledge have benefited us on the program level as well on the professional development side for some key staff. There is no task big or small for her as she approaches everything with the same optimistic enthusiasm. We are better as an agency with Barbara on our team!"
Steve Bulger